Is Your Fertilizer Safe For Your Kids & Pets



The million dollar question on everyone’s mind is whether the products we apply are safe for kids, animals and the environment. First we must establish what is considered “safe”? By rule a product is considered safe or least harmless to people and their environment as long as it is used according to the labeled recommendations.
Thanks to much research over the past 30 years the types and techniques for applying fertilizers have changed dramatically. The days of needlessly applying liquid applications of urea and weed control are coming to an end. Lawns will green up quicker and most to break down and absorb the nutrients easier, increased levels of weeds, even the ones you couldn’t see, would be eliminated. The drawback is that adequate fertility can not be sustained for a long period of time. In an effort to limit pesticide use we are now applying all granular fertilizers and weed control as needed.
Recently there has been a large movement to switch to strictly organic fertilizers over synthetic fertilizers because they are natural and therefor must be safer. Whether natural or synthetic, chemicals that can potentially be ingested are the same. The major benefits behind organic treatments are the plants ability microbial activity, and extra micronutrients not always found in synthetic fertilizers. Some drawbacks to using organic fertilizers are their inability to be slow release and there is no known organic pesticide rates and post application directions are followed properly, there is little to no danger to that is effective in controlling weeds. Study after study, however, has shown that, when pesticides are applied at the recommended people or pets.

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