Tree & Shrub Care Services

Plant Health Care Program

SPRING DORMANT OIL – This horticultural oil treatment will provide early protection to trees and shrubs after winter by controlling development of insect pests before egg hatching occurs.
SPRING DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION – This slow release fertilizer treatment will enhance the budding, blooming, and overall health of your landscape.
(3) INSECT & DISEASE MANAGEMENT – These specifically timed treatments are applied to trees and shrubs to control pests and diseases throughout the growing season.
FALL DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION – A fast acting fertilizer treatment that will provide additional nutrients to trees and shrubs before winter begins.

Additional Tree/Shrub Services

WINTER ANTI-DESICCANT TREATMENT – This treatment is applied to all evergreens in your landscape to help minimize drying and browning that may occur from harsh winter winds.
AIR SPADING – This is a mechanical process of blowing compressed air around the base of a tree to expose girdle roots that are ultimately causing harm to the growth of the plant.
DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION – This service can be completed either in spring or fall depending on the specific needs or conditions of the plant material.